Monday, November 19, 2007

The Long, Long Silence

I haven't said a word in this blog since August. And although this is the case, my blog is not dead. I decided to take a long break in writing due to the fact that there has been too much on my plate this Fall. Unfortunately, that didn't mean that I had delusions of grandeur when it came to dealing with a hectic schedule. Always a hard worker, I thought I could multi-task everything when it came to dealing with my message board, blog and several other endeavors that I had my hands into.

The results of my hubris told me otherwise. Too much had been piled upon me. And if you added my recent dental drama (two root canals and one on the way), I have been swamped in terms of my personal life as well as my writing life.

It's not that I didn't think about world events. I still discuss politics with my father and mother on the phone. I still debate these issues with friends in real life as well as on other forums that have been much more pleasant than past experiences with the the forum that won't be named. And I was able to discuss these issues with a lot of people who have opened my eyes to new horizons.

I also quietly celebrated the fact that one of my dear friends, Niki Aguirre, has finally published a book of her stories and is finishing her novel. I am in awe to know someone who has made their mark in the literary world. And with this news, I send her continued wishes and blessings on her future progress.

But, now, I just have to get my mettle together and get back into the writing thing. There are a lot of things I would like to discuss politically and socially that have been at the top of my plate. Feminism, race, politics and other issues have been gnawing at me to get back to the written word. And after my dental woes are finally out of the way, I might just do that.

But right now, I consider myself in a holding period. I am reading, listening and discussing things with others at this point. And then, when I find something that sparks my passionate discourse, my words will grace this blog once again.

You can bet on it. :)


Niki said...

Hi Ceci

Thanks for the lovely comment and here is to a great year for both of us!

Servidores said...

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