Sunday, February 18, 2007

Intolerance, Pt II

Even though there are probably more noteworthy events to discuss, I would like to say a few words about forums and intolerance. Let's just say that this is a little story for other people fighting intolerance to follow.

The last few weeks were spent trying to be acclimated back to board life. And of course, old feelings die hard when it comes to a group of posters who are hell-bent making the worst out of a board experience. It is sad to say so, but unfortunately, their efforts and relentless use of "complaining" has shut down threads on diversity because they will not make the effort or time to understand the other side of things.

In the midst of this, words were said. And of course, the person who made the thread on diversity got punished because the culturally insensitive had gotten their way without any questioning of their behavior.

Because of the fact that the "cabal" got off Scot free from their nastiness (and the fact that I came across this story), there is nothing but pessimism when it comes to healing and social progress. When hearing this story, I could just think to myself and think that the intolerant have the loudest voices while the sensitive and the erudite continue to get pounded.

You could almost guess the punchline of the story.

They come away, smug and happy that they shut down a thread of diversity because it attacked everything that they held dear. But who actually wins? No one. For a thread about diversity is there to educate people and to generate conversation with those who are genuine in their approach to bring all people together. And its closure only conveys the point that we have so far to go in trying heal the cultural divide in America, if not the world. That is the saddest of all.

The only thing about vendettas is the fact that they are only temporary. But for those involved, they are probably happy that their interests are safe and secure while others suffer at the yoke of intolerance.

There's no one to blame. And there's no one to complain to. Just chalk this up to a lesson well learned in the midst of viewing the heavy-handed tactics of some who don't want to entertain things outside of their comfort zone.


Despite my absence, there is more to come soon. I have lots to talk about and yes, election season is here. So, stay tuned and keep reading. I apologize for the length of absence between the last post and the latest. I thank you very much for your patronage over the months.


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